Interested In A Franchise

By on 4-11-2012 in Business

Interested in Buying a Franchise? You Might Want to Do a Little Soul Searching First.

Franchising is not for everyone, although franchising is one very good option for many folks who want to own their own company. Those who lack the business background or experience in a given industry to succeed, but still wish to pursue their American Dream, the dream of owning their own business, will find the franchise option a great choice.

Why is franchising not for everyone you ask? Well, first realize that these words have certainly been spoken by more than one franchising expert. In fact, you can find folks on both sides of the debate who’ll tell you the same thing. Whether they are franchisee or franchisor attorneys, consultants or even franchisors, they all agree; franchising is not for everyone.

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You see, although franchise companies offer a cookie cutter approach to their franchise model, some individual entrepreneurs want to change the perfected business plan to fit their own personal style. This can cause conflict in a franchise system and take away from one of franchising’s greatest strengths; consistency of brand.

If you are the type that is constantly innovating, modifying, and changing things, or if you were the individual in class that never much liked to follow the rules, well, you may find that a franchised business is not really for you. However, if you trust the Franchisor, their expertise, experience and business model and simply want to follow their lead, then you are the ideal franchisee.

Are there any franchise systems that can handle an ultra-aggressive self-starter and seasoned entrepreneur? Sure there are, but I think what you’ll find is the more seasoned and well-established franchise names will clash with such an entrepreneurial spirit. Some franchise companies, especially new ones that are still trying to feel their way through their various market segments and regional variations can work for the hyper-entrepreneurial types.

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